Java & Sumatra 2015

In August 2015 I set out from Bali to other mototrip this time to the west mainly to the Java and Sumatra islands. Originally I wanted to send my scooter to Malaysia and traveling with that around whole Southeast Asia. But because it is not registered on my name, so it can not deal with international insurance Carnet, which is required in Malaysia… So I will do just small trip by boat from Medan to Penang for the new Indonesian visa. At least I will discover Sumatra and nearby islands more better. 🙂

The main goal is to get to the monument Kilometer Nol (zero) on the Weh island, where Indonesia starts. Furthermore, I would definitely love to look to the following islands: Samosir (at Lake Toba), Nias, Siberut and Bangka. Otherwise I have no fixed plan… Again it would probably takes for me at least two months on the road and this time certainly more than 10,000 km.